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Medium Clairvoyant Services - Healing

My gift of healing has been with me through many of my past lives and every one of us needs some form of healing, whether it’s for an illness or fears of not being able to balance one’s life.

Healing works in many ways, from the laying on of hands to the use of various herbs and crystals. My principal guide for the healing sessions is Black Bearded Bear – a great Apache chief and my soulmate from a previous life as a native Indian in which I was taught the art of natural healing. Black Bearded Bear has assisted me to heal many visitors and it’s nice to say in most cases my clients are healed in the first session but, depending on the severity of the illness, it may take a few more sessions.

Performing healing uses 80% of my energy so taking rest and care of myself is very important.



Weekday: £68.00 Weekend: £78.00

During the healing session, my spirit guide Black Bearded Bear channels through me and lends me his eyes to look inside the body to locate the source of the problem. On many occasions he has shown me problems that even the person attending the session was unaware of and so grateful when informed. Once my guide has located the problem we can then decide what method can be best used to carry out the healing – crystals or dowser along with laying on of the hands.

I have been working as a healer for many years and I am always amazed at what my guide can achieve.

Absent Healing (7 sessions)

Weekday: £53.00 Weekend: £63.00

Absent healing is an extremely powerful form of healing as it enables one to send out healing energy to wherever the recipient resides. With the assistance of my spirit guides Black Bearded Bear and Dancing Bird a Peruvian Indian who both channel their healing energy through me so i can send this energy out to the recipient, this type of healing is sent with unconditional love.

Absent healing is performed over seven sessions and a date and time will need to be established to ensure both the giver and receiver of the healing are sitting down in quiet meditation to enable the healing energies to be channelled. It’s very important after the healing session that the recipient drinks plenty of water and rests for about half an hour. I will then ask them to contact me after the healing sessions to see how they are feeling.

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