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My testimonials page showcases some of the thoughts my clients have after one or more sessions. Here are some of the testimonials that they have been kind enough to write for me.


Hi my lovely lady thank you so much for my beautiful reading i just love it, I have had visits from my star family many times and everything you said was correct. I am so pleased i found you because I often feel alone on the earth unhappy and misunderstood by people you were spot on i send you love, light and happiness on your journey love to my friend Judith.


Hi Judith a bit of a random email but when I came to see you a few weeks ago you told me something significant was going to happen on the 7th of March well on that day i got my absolute dream job, so I wanted to let you no you were spot on and many thanks.

Iain (Belgium)

Judith is incredible in what she knows, I have an engineering background so I am naturally sceptical about this stuff but I have had several readings with Judith over the years and I have been bowled over and amazed and found deep comfort in what has come through each time. The craziest thing of all is that she found us, my father (passed away) had been bothering her to contact us for quite some time otherwise talking to a medium is not something anyone in my family would have done, but we are glad we did and i can’t recommend her enough.

Carol (Florida)

I can’t say enough about how wonderful you have been in helping me through the difficult times. You are truly amazing, kind and thoughtful and you are so good at what you do.Thanks for everything and i hope to have one of our lovely chats again soon, you are truly an incredible lady.


I was introduced to Judith by a friend about four years ago and I have had several readings which have all been recorded. Judith is so warm and welcoming and has incredible gifts which has helped me so much to reassure and comfort me. She has been a fantastic pillar of strength after the passing of my mother and I have been blessed to know Judith through such a difficult time.

Thank you Judith and god bless.


At some point in life everyone will reach a crossroads in their life.

Life might have thrown them a curve ball out of the blue, or it could be a case of events happening over a course of years that have led to the crossroads they find themselves at.

Mine was the latter, at a time where I did not know where to turn or what to do next I consulted Judith, this was on recommendation.

Judith explained my life over the last few years as if she was with me at these events at the time.

Facts, figures, names and dates were plucked from the air. Even a sceptic would not be able to argue with the accuracy. Judith does not tell you what to do only what she sees and hears. The confusion from which path to take was made a lot clearer, after my reading I can honestly say I felt a weight being lifted from my shoulders I had hope and now at my crossroads I know which path I will take but with it I will take hope self esteem and self worth.


Morning darling this is just to tell you that you are truly an amazing and beautiful lady!!!! You will never know how you helped Natalie on Friday!!! Wow spirit ambassador totally!!! One of the best!!! So many blessings to you!!! Spirit will protect you and your beautiful family always because you are so beautiful and caring love you so much. xxxxx


Judith has helped me over the years through her wonderful connection with the spirit world. Since visiting Judith for the first time four years ago I have started seeing life in a different light because of the reassurance she has provided me regarding my past, present and future and so much has happened which Judith had predicted, i feel so happy within myself. Judith has connected with my loved ones in spirit that left me feeling relaxed and happy knowing they continue living in the spirit world. There were many questions that I had never thought i would get answers to but Judith has been incredible for me for which i can’t thank her enough she is a wonderful lady with a truly amazing and wonderful gift. I highly recommend for people to have a lovely reading or healing with Judith. Once again thank you Judith for helping me over the years.

Ellie Eve

Hi Judith – a big thank you for everything with my son, granny, Derek, grandad, dad and especially my mum. You are amazing and incredibly magic. You have no idea how much weight has been lifted! Thank you so much – you blew me away.


I just wanted to say I am so very grateful for the messages you gave me from my reading and healing. you were spot on with everything that you said and you have shown me the way forward on the right path. you care so much for other people and you put so much time energy and love into helping them. you really are an angel walking on the earth. I owe so much to you.


Thank You for my reading yesterday, you are a magical medium, it’s such an amazing gift you have Judith. Your messages from the spirit world left me speechless how do you do that? You’ve really helped me and I will be seeing you soon.


Thank You Judith for fitting me in to see you – I’m so happy after my reading I couldn’t stop telling everyone about it. Just about all my spirit family came though and my brother is still crying now. I’ve never let him go but thanks to you Judith I’m now free of my pain. God Bless you Judith special lady.


I just wanted to thank you for the great reading and healing I received recently. I have visited many psychic mediums over the past 30 years to gain more of an insight into not only my future but also the spirit world and what is to come in the next life. You have always been able to get right to the heart of issues of concern and also come up with some lovely surprises. You told me there would be lots of travel once I met the man I would go on to marry. One of his first gifts to me was a trip to China! You even told me I’d have to wait until my next birthday with the 0 in it. I was 31 at the time and met my soulmate when I was 40! You are truly gifted and I have no hesitation in saying you offer the most accurate, compassionate and reassuring readings I have ever had. The healing session was amazing and I feel very relaxed as a result. Thank you so much!


Judith is a proper clairvoyant and I have over a decade of written evidence to back up this statement. During the time I have known her, we have become friends and she has helped me through some very difficult times. If you are looking for guidance or meaning to your life then see Judith. You will be uplifted and reassured. We are all on one big journey.


Judith has quite literally been a god send, she has come into my life when I needed it most. Whenever I leave Judith I always have a sense of calm and direction and know what I need to do differently, she was a warm and loving nature and able to tell me the most astonishing things about my past, present and future. Her support over the last 6 months has been invaluable and will always try to accommodate me at short notice, I have found my medium for life.


Judith, you are genuinely compassionate and magically gifted. I look forward to continuing and deepening my spiritual journey and education, supported through your guiding light. In the meantime, I am sending sincere thanks, deep gratitude and much love and hugs.


Hi Judith. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the reading last week. I cannot express how much I get from you and spirit. I was listening to the recording again and it’s so amazing. You have such an amazing gift. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You are a true angel and a beautiful wonderful lady. Much love Judith.


I’ve never met such an extremely gifted lady. I went for several things going on in my life at the time after the reading I held my head up high and smiled for the first time in along time I got everything I needed from my reading and more and even had loved ones come through to me would highly recommend Judith she’s incredible – thank you.


Judith has helped me tremendously through her strong connection with the spirit world. Since visiting her for the first time last year, I have started seeing life in a different light because of the reassurance she has provided me not only regarding my past and present, but also my future. Not only did Judith connect with the people around me, but she was able to do that with a degree of accuracy that left me speechless. There were many questions that I had never thought I would get answers to, but Judith has been incredible for me for which I thank her and a million times.


Good evening Judith. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for mine and my mum’s reading yesterday, it really helped us both. I myself woke up feeling a lot lighter, it was really refreshing and I feel much more motivated about everything.

So thank you for seeing us and I’ll definitely get in touch soon for some healing to help with my stomach 🙂 Thank you again.


I came for a reading with you and then a couple of weeks later had healing for some negative energy I was carrying from my childhood.

Firstly, I would like to thank you so much for the healing. I can’t tell you how different I have felt. The heaviness in my aura seemed to just disappear and for the first time in years, I felt as if I didn’t have a care in the world. Also, what I didn’t think to mention at the time, was a painful shoulder and arm that had been troubling me for a long time. Since the healing, I haven’t had any pain from it at all. So again, a huge thank you and your healing guides. Best wishes.


I just wanted to thank you again for our session last week, your insight and messages are invaluable. I look forward to the cd to remember things I may have forgotten…

It’s funny because a situation has occurred lately and something you said that was unclear at the time popped into my head at about 3am last night – It makes sense now!