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I have nine spirit guides who work alongside me, each one working for the individual’s situation and needs. I realised my gift from a very early age knowing I was able to see and hear spirit and communicate with all my spirit guides, I feel very humbled to be blessed with such a wonderful gift.

The five guides pictured below communicate with me on a regular basis while the other four guides will assist me when they feel they are needed.


Spirit Guides - Hemmingway

A wise guide who assisted me as an author and also helps in health matters which I can pass on in the reading. A great sense of humour and an amazing spirit guide.

Black Bearded Bear

Spirit Guides - Black Bearded Bear

My spirit guide for the healing sessions is a great Indian chief by the name of Black Bearded Bear who was a chief of the Apache tribe and my soul mate from my previous life as a native Indian. In this native life I was taught the art of natural healing involving the use of many herbs and crystals which I use at my healing sessions today along with many other items.

Black Bearded Bear has assisted me to heal many visitors and its nice to say in most cases my clients are healed on the first session depending on the severity of their illness which may take a few more sessions


Spirit Guides - Applejack

My first guide – a young lad called Applejack, has been with me from birth. He was a Victorian chimney sweep – a very cheeky cockney full of devilment much like myself, who brings lots of laughter to the sittings. Applejack helps me in my work as a trance medium.

Jack Redcloud

Spirit Guides - Jack Redcloud

A Sioux chief who does not tolerate fools easily; a powerful guide who is straight to the point. He stands by me to answer any difficult questions that need resolving. He was also my father in a past life.

Dancing Bird

Spirit Guides - Dancing Bird

Another wise guide who assists me in healing sessions with the use of natural medicines, herbs and plants. Dancing Bird also protects me on my spiritual journey.