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Medium Clairvoyant Services - Palmistry

Since my schooldays I have been able to read the hands and predict people’s futures and health issues and other aspects that would effect their lives. The hands come in many shapes and sizes and have many lines and creases, the main three lines being heart, head and life.

The hands shape and size is associated with character traits, it’s really fascinating what can be seen and interpreted from people’s hands and I really enjoy doing palmistry readings.


Palm Reading

Weekday: £68.00 Weekend: £78.00

I would start the session by asking them which hand they write with or use the most as this would be what is known as the dominant hand. I would then cup the recipients hand in mine to allow me to make a few quiet observations, looking at the texture of the hand – does it feel rough or smooth and are the fingers manicured or dirty. This allows me to gain important information about the person having the reading.

The reading would start by reading the dominant hand first followed by the other hand afterwards allowing me to make a full assessment of the persons past and future.

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