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Medium Clairvoyant Services - Readings

I realised my gift from an early age knowing I was able to see and hear spirit and communicate with my spirit guides. Whilst I have many guides, Applejack who has been with me since birth, is my principal guide who channels his energy through me. As I am a trance medium, I can then pass these messages from the spirit world onto the recipient having the reading.

I can also conduct readings through a wide range of communication tools, including Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and over the telephone all just as effectively as face to face.



Weekday – £68.00Weekend – £78.00

Before the reading session commences, I would normally ask the recipient to choose a colour because this can relate to situations going on with them at the time. Once they have done this, I then put protection around myself and the person having the reading. I will then open myself up to my spirit guide who will then channel messages through me. During the session loved ones will draw close and give messages and memories of their past lives on the earth plane.

Readings (30 minutes)

Weekday – £43.00Weekend – £53.00

This shortened session is conducted in the same manner as a full reading but would be less in-depth. You will still receive messages from the spirit world from your loved ones but please bear in mind that not all of them may come through. Be assured you would still receive a quality reading with plenty of evidence and proof of the spirit world.

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