At some point in life everyone will reach a crossroads in their life.

Life might have thrown them a curve ball out of the blue, or it could be a case of events happening over a course of years that have led to the crossroads they find themselves at.

Mine was the latter, at a time where I did not know where to turn or what to do next I consulted Judith, this was on recommendation.

Judith explained my life over the last few years as if she was with me at these events at the time.

Facts, figures, names and dates were plucked from the air. Even a sceptic would not be able to argue with the accuracy. Judith does not tell you what to do only what she sees and hears. The confusion from which path to take was made a lot clearer, after my reading I can honestly say I felt a weight being lifted from my shoulders I had hope and now at my crossroads I know which path I will take but with it I will take hope self esteem and self worth.