I just wanted to thank you for the great reading and healing I received recently. I have visited many psychic mediums over the past 30 years to gain more of an insight into not only my future but also the spirit world and what is to come in the next life. You have always been able to get right to the heart of issues of concern and also come up with some lovely surprises. You told me there would be lots of travel once I met the man I would go on to marry. One of his first gifts to me was a trip to China! You even told me I’d have to wait until my next birthday with the 0 in it. I was 31 at the time and met my soulmate when I was 40! You are truly gifted and I have no hesitation in saying you offer the most accurate, compassionate and reassuring readings I have ever had. The healing session was amazing and I feel very relaxed as a result. Thank you so much!